Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cleaning Feet?

In my latest trip to Walmart.  Yes, unfortunately I do make the occasional Wally-world run.  For some reason that is the only store in this city that carries a couple of my daily sundries.  So, I make a monthly trip just for those items, which is another entry entirely.  So, moving on from that digression.  On my last trip I ran across a new item (new to me anyway) on one of the isles housing the cleaning supplies that forced me take pause, and a picture.  I think it was the bright green color of this Slipper Genie product that caught my eye more than the ridiculous concept of it.  The label reads "Slip em on and they'll do the cleaning for you," and calls them "Microfiber cleaning slippers."  Now, I don't know about you, but I don't actually walk every square inch of my tile flooring.  I guess dusting the high traffic area is better that no cleaning at all, but I can get the same result by walking around in my socks!  The discovery of the Slipper Genie has prompted me to ask, are we that busy or just that lazy?


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  1. I wonder if they got the idea from a product I used when I lived in France....they were similar except that they had a gritty bottom designed to strip hardwood floors and then a lambswool side for buffing after polishing.I don't know where they originated. They served me well.....I'll explain. Many pregnant women, maybe all of us for all I know, when they are near their delivery time, get this burst of energy and will clean everything in sight and I do mean to get out of the way at that time or you will get the cleaning of your life. Anyway, back to me. The day that my water broke, during my pregnancy with your Uncle Steve, I simply "had to" take care of the hardwood floors and halfway through that process in one room, SPLASH!The next step, calling Pap home from work to take me to the hospital, is another story a;together since we did not have a telephone.
    So my opinion is that these microfiber cleaning slippers will be of great use to pregnant women at any time during their pregnancy when bending is a challenge. Like you, my opinion of their use at any other time might equal laziness unless they suffer from some pain that necessitates this product.
    My dear, do you feel better about this product now? :-)
    I love you,