Friday, February 4, 2011

Frozen Desert

All the reports of strange winter weather around the country have been quite curious.  So, it really shouldn't be such surprise that we experienced record lows here in the Sonoran desert the past two nights.  However, 18 degrees is pretty darn cold for the desert, especially with a wind chill factor around 5 degrees!  I know this doesn't seem like such a big deal for those in other parts of the country that are having to deal with awful winter storms that last much long than two days, but for this desert rat it's a new experience.  One that most folks, and their houses, around here aren't prepared to handle.  Many awoke to frozen pipes yesterday morning, some even bursting causing extensive water damage.  After classes yesterday afternoon I passed the building on campus that houses most of our Bio and Chem labs.  Water was literally poring out of the building from the third floor.  Quite a mess was made when the desert froze.  

Fortunately, that extreme (well, extreme by Tucson standards anyway) weather has passed.  It is now a sunny and breezy 50 degrees at 2:45pm.  I was also able to get some photos of the fountain at my apartment complex at 12:30pm today.  There was a conspicuous reminder of the previous 24 hours just begging to be photographed.